About Me

Graphesium's Fine Sculptures workshop table


Sculpting has been a passion of mine since my first art class many years ago. I got serious about it as I got older and did studies during my free time to improve my skills. In 2015, I finished the first sculpture I was satisfied with: The Spy from my favorite game of all time, Team Fortress 2. I posted it on Reddit and Tumblr where it was well-received and gave me the motivation to pursue this passion.

It's now over a year later and I'm busy every day creating sculptures for people across the globe. Drawing my inspiration from classical sculpture, I use shadow and light to bring my pieces to life. I am constantly practicing to improve my craft so I can create even more beautiful sculptures to share with you. Make sure to follow one of my social media accounts to keep up with my works-in-progress!

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Now enough about me, browse around my site and I'll let my work do the talking! :)

—Robin (Graphesium)


You can contact me by clicking the red "CONTACT ME" button located at the bottom right of your screen or by emailing me at gsculpt@hotmail.com