Customer Reviews

I love hearing feedback from customers after they've received their sculptures. If you have the time, please message me a review of your sculpture and I'll make sure to post it here too! Also, check out this Youtube vlog showcasing two of my pieces :)

"Master piece"Mohamad (Canada) · 2B Bust · May 7, 2018
"It finally arrived! Almost lost for words, but it is absolutely stunning!"Connor (UK) · 2B Bust · Apr 6, 2018
"Hello Robin, indeed, I worried really too early. Hanzo arrived home yesterday, he is gourgeous, I love him ! Thank you for this beautiful work, and thank you for your kindness and patience. Have a nice day, i wish you a lot of succes with your art."Caroline (France) · Hanzo Bust · Mar 22, 2018
"Hi Robin, just wanted to update you: 2B savely arrived at my doorstep today. Amazing artpiece, looking forward to what commissions you will offer in the future. Kind regards"Frank (Germany) · 2B Bust · Mar 15, 2018
"Hello Robin, I am very pleased to tell you the package arrived safely at last, with no custom procedures or charges on my part 😃 I am really grateful for everything you have done. I will recommend you in any chances I have in the future. Best regards "Ignacio (Spain) · 2B Bust · Mar 13, 2018
"Just wanted to confirm that the sculpt has been received and assembled. Very pleased."Josh (US) · 2B Bust · Mar 13, 2018
"Robin, The Sculpture arrived yesterday, and I just now got around to unboxing it. I am blown away by the detail! You really did 2B justice and I'll be sure to keep an eye on your future work! "Matt (US) · 2B Bust · Feb 28, 2018
"Just got my sculpture and I wanted to say wow, it's really beautiful work. I could not be more impressed. The attention to detail is just amazing. I will really enjoy having this on display. "Kim (US) · Hanzo Bust · Feb 27, 2018
"Just recieved my 2B bust! Thank You! It is beautiful! perfect for my 2B collection!"Robert (US) · 2B Bust · Feb 7, 2018
"I just got my 2B bust today and i was amazed at how much bigger she was than I anticipated! she's absolutely stunning and your tip about using lights to bring out the detail was perfect! thank you so much for doing something from the Nier:Automata line, I do hope that you look into maybe doing another character from that series down the line!"Justin (Canada) · 2B Bust · Jan 23, 2018
"Hi Robin, Just wanted to say thanks so much - I absolutely love the sculpture! I'll be keeping an eye on the site for more "Adam (US) · Artorias Bust · Jan 20, 2018
"About a month ago I ordered the Spy and Medic busts and I've been meaning to write a thank you email for some time. Now that I have finally received them - which I do dearly thank you for helping me with those lost packages - I can only say that I LOVE them! They are beautifully crafted and beautiful to look at. I gave one to dear friend for a Christmas gift and he said that it's probably the coolest Xmas present he has ever gotten. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I'm extraordinarily happy with them and all I can say amazing work and I hope your holidays go well."Tylor (US) · Spy Bust & Medic Bust · Dec 26, 2017
"My Artorias sculpture arrived, and I am blown away. I just moved into my own place recently and this sculpture has already become the highlight of the house. Thank you again for such amazing work!"John (US) · Artorias Bust · Dec 21, 2017
"Thank you Robin! He looks glorious! 😁 You do awesome work, you should be proud. "Konrad (Canada) · Artorias Bust · Dec 11, 2017
"*sheds happy waifu tears* Sculpture from @gsculpt has arrived ♥ I love it. With whole my heart. ♥And everything else. Yes ♥ Here, have some more hearts, because I'm in the mood (don't be shy): ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I refuse to adult today."Anna (Poland) · Hanzo Bust · Dec 8, 2017
"Hi Robin, The sculpture arrived today. I hadn't expected it so soon and have not yet picked up the glue for it, but an looking forwards to it being fully assembled and on display. Thank you for your work and fast delivery. Te whole thing has been awesome!"Danny (UK) · Artorias Bust · Dec 7, 2017
"Got it Robin! Thank you, this is going in the office on my bookshelf. I appreciate you taking the time to make these. I really hope you make more Dark Souls / Bloodborne sculptures. I'll buy them all and even gift them to other fans of the series. Great work!"Kyle (US) · Artorias Bust · Nov 29, 2017
"The sculpture arrived yesterday! it looks absolutely beautiful, thank you so much! "Patrick (Switzerland) · Hanzo Bust · Nov 2, 2017
"Got the sculpture finally unboxed, been a busy couple of months. I just wanted to say, Bravo. Gotdamn, B R A V O. Amazing detail and skill, I stared at it for a solid 15 minutes in awe. You've earned a lifetime customer and fan. Thank you."Joshua (US) · 2B Bust · Sep 19, 2017
"Thanks for your effort. I love it! And it won't be my last order. :)"Milan (Germany) · Medic Bust · Sep 16, 2017
"Hi Robin, the Hanzo sculpture has arrived, and I am really pleased with it. Thank you! "James (UK) · Hanzo Bust · Sep 11, 2017
"Just letting you know I got my 2b bust and she's absolutely gorgeous! Worth every penny and the wait. Rest assured that I'll be buying more pieces from you."Yanick (Canada) · 2B Bust · Sep 8, 2017
"Hello Robin! I wanted to say thank you for the excellent sculpture of 2B that I recently received. It looked amazing and was extremely well-received by the recipient. "Derek (US) · 2B Bust · Aug 30, 2017
"Hi Robin, Just wanted to let you know that I'd received this during the week and I'm very pleased with it! Great work as always"Josh (US) · 2B Bust · Aug 25, 2017
"Hey Robin, Just received the package! Thank you so much! Excited to assemble it in my shop at work so his beautiful face can forever live on my bookshelf. (✿ ♥‿♥)"Dorian (US) · Hanzo Bust · Aug 21, 2017
"Hello! I wanted to let you know that I have finally received the sculpture and it is GORGEOUS. Thank you so much!"Samantha (US) · Hanzo Bust · Aug 21, 2017
"I got the packeage today!Great ! I can hardly wait :)" Yingchen (China) · Hanzo Bust · Jun 21, 2017
"Hey, Just received my Hanzo bust. It looks amazing! Thank you so much." Shuai (Canada) · Hanzo Bust · Jun 1, 2017
"The sculpture has safely arrived here in Germany and it looks great. Thanks for the cool sculpture! :)" Alexander (Germany) · Hanzo Bust · May 9, 2017
"Hello! Just wanna let u know that the hanzo arrived today and I love him! Thank you so Much!!" Nadine (Germany) · Hanzo Bust · May 6, 2017
"Just received your sculpture in great condition! Thank you very much again. I'll be looking out for your other future Overwatch work." Andrew (Canada) · Hanzo Bust · May 2, 2017
"Hey Robin, I got my Hanzo, and he is amazing!! Thanks so much for the awesome customer service!" Zack (US) · Hanzo Bust · Apr 22, 2017
"Hey Robin, Hanzo arrived save and sound! He looks amazing, thanks for all your hard work" Sally (US) · Hanzo Bust · Apr 22, 2017
"Robin, My statues have arrived and they are absolutely *gorgeous*! I love them. I can't wait until Ana is ready - I'm definitely picking her up too. Thanks so much" Nick (US) · Hanzo Bust & Genji Bust · Apr 22, 2017
"Hi again, Just to let you know that I received my Hanzo sculpture last Friday! Due to a busy week, I only got around to sending you this email today, along with applying glue to the sculpture. I have to say, I am more than pleased with it! It looks fantastic and is going to be enjoyed for years to come. You have an amazing talent, and I wish you all the best in the future!" C (Ireland) · Hanzo Bust · Apr 6, 2017
"Hi Robin, I have just received my genji sculpture! Thanks man - will probably order the Ana one once it's ready. I look forward to seeing more work from you. You have just added another satisfied customer to your list :)" James (Malaysia) · Genji Bust · Apr 3, 2017
Youtube vlog showcasing my sculpures! Skyline Youtube · Hanzo Bust & Genji Bust · Apr 1, 2017
"Hey Robin good news my genji arrived!! It's beautiful :D Thanks for your hard work" Michael (Australia) · Genji Bust · Mar 31, 2017
"Hi Robin, good news! My Hanzo arrived today, safe and sound. :) I'm going to assemble him tomorrow morning and look for a nice and safe place for him (cat-safe ;) )" Tamara (Austria) · Hanzo Bust · Mar 28, 2017
"I recently bought your Hanzo and Genji busts and they look amazing. I love your work." Thomas (US) · Hanzo Bust & Genji Bust · Mar 25, 2017
"I received both of my sculptures! They're absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for your great customer service!" Joey (US) · Hanzo Bust & Genji Bust · Mar 22, 2017
"Just opened it and it arrived flawlessly! Where can I leave a review?" Alberto (US) · Hanzo Bust · Mar 21, 2017
"I received both of my sculptures and they both look amazing. Seriously, fantastic work. I will definitely be interested in future Overwatch sculptures." Sam (US) · Hanzo Bust & Genji Bust · Mar 21, 2017
"The sculpture arrived safely and it is absolutely amazing! I love it Thank you so so much. I can't wait to see your future work too" Christy (US) · Saitama Bust · Jun 9, 2016 /u/SquareSoft · Saitama Bust · Mar 6, 2016
"Thank you so much, I received it today! My husband loves it and it looks amazing!" Stephanie (US) · Saitama Bust · Mar 5, 2016
"Hi Robin, Just wanted to say thanks, I got my sculpture! Looks great and I'm really impressed, I'll make sure I keep an eye out for anything you do in the future." Josh (US) · Saitama Bust · Mar 4, 2016
"Hi! Just wanted to say that I got the sculpt today and it is fantastic! So happy with the quality and the detail on it is just wonderful. I'll probably be back within a month or so for Spy. Medic needs someone to stare disapprovingly at from across the mantle. :) I'm not sure if you're planning on returning to Team Fortress for future sculpts, but if you ever plan a Heavy, you have at least one buyer! Thanks again! " Renee (US) · Medic Bust · Jul 21, 2015
"Hey Robin, just received the bust in the mail and I just wanted to thank you, it looks amazing! I will definitely be keeping an eye on your work, I can't afford anything else right now but eventually I want to get the medic too (and any more of the mercs if you start doing them as well!) Thank you!" Jesse (US) · Spy Bust · Jun 27, 2015
"Hey Robin! Your statues finally came to me and they look awesome!! Thank you so much and my best friend also loves hers! Thank you for being such a great artist and that you kept me updated. Hope you got a great week!" Julia (Germany) · Spy Bust & Medic Bust · May 15, 2015
"Hi Robin, I want to let you know that I received both of the sculptures, and they are as amazing as I thought they would be. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this to fix the trouble we had, so thank you for that. The somewhat personalized paper notes were quite nice as well! Again, I want to say thanks for all your hard work." Zachary (US) · Spy Bust & Medic Bust · Mar 16, 2015
"Robin, I wanted to say thanks. I finally got the busts yesterday in perfect condition. Thanks." Dustin (US) · Medic Bust · Mar 15, 2015
"It's here, it's here!! And it's beaaauuuuuuuuuutiful!!! Thank you so much, I love it to pieces!!" Josh (UK) · Spy Bust · Dec 22, 2014
"My son loved his long awaited Spy (bust) when it arrived, but I (Mom) inadvertently threw away the small bag containing 3 cigarettes. It was classic: Joyful that his bust had arrived he ran upstairs to show someone - while I efficiently grabbed up all the packaging and rushed it out to the curb for the oncoming trash truck. I feel quite bad about this and would really like to replace those cigarettes. Is there a way for me to buy more? " (Poor mom, I mailed her some more for free)— Anne (US) · Spy Bust · Dec 2, 2014
"Wow, just wow! A true piece of art, excellent work! The spy has arrived :)" John (Belgium) · Spy Bust · Nov 17, 2014
"Just got the sculpture, really looks great and it came without any damage. Thank you again for the beautiful piece of art and good luck getting that Hellfire Cone." Brian (US) · Spy Bust · Oct 13, 2014