Shipping & Handling

Free worldwide. No surprises.
Partnered with a local Canadian courier, I’m proud to offer free shipping on all my commissions, worldwide. Your sculpture will be shipped as soon as it is completed (based on your reservation slot). Faster shipping that includes full tracking is also available at checkout.

Guaranteed Safe Arrival

As my clients worldwide will testify (and you will find out), my packaging methods are very extensive and developed over years of experience to minimize all forms of potential damage. Your sculpture is heavily protected with foam and thick bubble wrap, along with a cardboard protective shield. The piece is then placed in a 200lb-test cardboard box surrounded by a cushion of thick kraft paper to absorb shock and prevent movement. Whether you live in my neighboring US, across the ocean in Europe, through the heat of the Middle East, on the other side of the planet in Asia, or upside-down in Australia, my pieces are well prepared for the trip.
However, as confident as I am in my packaging, I understand rare situations do happen. Maybe your mail carrier decided to launch the package to your doorstep with a catapult, or maybe the hydraulic-press guy decided on your piece for his next video.  Rest assured that even in these cases, your piece’s safe arrival is my guarantee. If my sculpture does arrive broken in any way, follow this link and we will remedy it asap.
Thank you for commissioning my work and feel free to contact me with any further questions you may have!Robin
US / Canada

Free Shipping ($0): Arrives in 2-3 weeks.

*Faster* Shipping ($5): Arrives in 3-5 days, includes tracking. 


Free Shipping ($0): Arrives in 3-8 weeks.

*Faster* Shipping ($10): Arrives in 1-3 weeks, includes tracking.


Free Shipping ($0): Arrives in 3-10 weeks.

*Faster* Shipping ($10): Arrives in 1-3 weeks, includes tracking.

Asia & Rest of World

Free Shipping ($0): Arrives in 3-10 weeks.

*Faster* Shipping ($10): Arrives in 1-3 weeks, includes tracking.

(Notice) The following countries currently only have paid shipping options available: China, Vietnam, UAE

Hand-made to order in premium carving stone on a brushed mahogany base.

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