2B (Nier: Automata) – Stone Bust

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SCALE: 1/4
HEIGHT: 10.2 INCHES (25.9 CM)


I stand by the quality of my work and will guarantee your sculpture’s safe arrival. Please contact me with any questions, I will reply asap.

I love hearing feedback from customers after they’ve received their sculptures. If you have the time, please message me a review of your 2B sculpture and I’ll make sure to post it here too!

"Excellent piece; it's not out of place in any room yet is instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with 2B. I did not expect the level of detail down to stitches on the costume."Lawrence (US)

"I have been looking for something of 2B since Nier came out. The playarts figure wasn't good enough for me, but THIS is pure beauty. Expertly crafted and my god is it awesome. I can't speak highly enough of the quality. Please consider more figures from Nier, if not, anything! Keep those hands busy. You're awesome!"Josh (US)

"Master piece."Mohamad (Canada)

"Looks gorgeous, great work. Happy holidays and thank you."Dylan (US)

"It finally arrived! Almost lost for words, but it is absolutely stunning!"Connor (UK)

"Hi Robin, just wanted to update you: 2B savely arrived at my doorstep today. Amazing artpiece, looking forward to what commissions you will offer in the future. Kind regards"Frank (Germany)

"Hello Robin, I am very pleased to tell you the package arrived safely at last, with no custom procedures or charges on my part 😃 I am really grateful for everything you have done. I will recommend you in any chances I have in the future. Best regards"Ignacio (Spain)

"Just wanted to confirm that the sculpt has been received and assembled. Very pleased."Josh (US)

"Robin, The Sculpture arrived yesterday, and I just now got around to unboxing it. I am blown away by the detail! You really did 2B justice and I'll be sure to keep an eye on your future work! "Matt (US)

"Just recieved my 2B bust! Thank You! It is beautiful! perfect for my 2B collection!"Robert (US)

"I just got my 2B bust today and i was amazed at how much bigger she was than I anticipated! she's absolutely stunning and your tip about using lights to bring out the detail was perfect! thank you so much for doing something from the Nier:Automata line, I do hope that you look into maybe doing another character from that series down the line!"Justin (Canada)

"Got the sculpture finally unboxed, been a busy couple of months. I just wanted to say, Bravo. Gotdamn, B R A V O. Amazing detail and skill, I stared at it for a solid 15 minutes in awe. You've earned a lifetime customer and fan. Thank you."Joshua (US)

"Just letting you know I got my 2b bust and she's absolutely gorgeous! Worth every penny and the wait. Rest assured that I'll be buying more pieces from you."Yanick (Canada)

"Hello Robin! I wanted to say thank you for the excellent sculpture of 2B that I recently received. It looked amazing and was extremely well-received by the recipient."Derek (US)

"Hi Robin, Just wanted to let you know that I'd received her during the week and I'm very pleased with it! Great work as always"Josh (US)

"Fantastic work. Highly detailed piece and the work shows! Looks gorgeous whether on a bookshelf or display cabinet etc, very classy and not out of place anywhere. Can't wait for commissions to open up again and to support Robin in future releases!"Ron (US)

"I just received my 2B bust and I am absolutely in love. Just knowing that this is hand crafted makes her even more beautiful that something you can pick up off the shelf at the store. She makes a prefect addition to my boyfriend's Nier: Automata collection. I look forward to seeing what other designs pop up in the future. "Teal (US)

"A stunning piece, very easy instructions to follow. Craftsmanship is top notch. Goes Great on my Battlestation"Randy (US)

"I am so incredibly happy with this purchase. It was a gift for my boyfriend and he adores it. It's really a stunning piece of art and so well done. I'm almost tempted to buy one for myself but haven't played Nier.. yet! Perhaps once I do play the game, I'll buy her for myself as a little memento 🙂 anyway, thank you so much!! x"Amanda (Canada)

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