Custom Commissions

One-of-a-kind originals for private collectors.
Are you or your company interested in getting something custom sculpted? I specialize in classical busts. If you would like to discuss a custom commission idea, please contact me.
Your custom commission will include:
  • Hand-carved one-of-a-kind sculpture (bust) in any size ranging from 1/4 scale to 1/1 scale (life-size). I will work with you through the design process so you are fully satisfied with the final piece.
  • Hand-carved hardwood base.
I would love to accommodate any specific requests you may have so don’t hesitate to let me know!
Custom one-of-a-kind sculptures start at USD $1200.00 and up, depending on size and complexity. If this cost is out of your price range, feel free to leave a request here so I can keep your character in mind for future sculpts!
Example Requests
  • Yourself
  • Your grandma
  • Your favourite character from XYZ show/movie/game in a specific pose and expression
  • Your company’s original character
  • Basically anything.

Hand-made to order in premium carving stone on a brushed mahogany base.

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